IES Company Profile

IES-INTERVEGA EDUCATION SERVICES is the pre-eminent quality education-abroad service provider on the Turkish Eastern Mediterranean.

Intervega  Limited Company was founded in 1995 and  in 1997  the company formed its new sub-section focused on education as “ IES- Intervega Education Services “ . The lack of quality education-abroad agencies in Turkey has encouraged IES to grow and to expand continuously. In 2002 we opened IES -Adana and our Mersin head office doubled in size. Moreover, in 2010, our third branch was founded in Istanbul.

As  Intervega Education Services, our number one aim is to provide excellent service. Many of our clients are loyal customers or acquaintances of other clients who have heard of IES’s excellent reputation. IES’s professional personnel give each client the individual attention necessary.

There is a large and increasing demand in Turkey for education-abroad programs. IES is there to meet this demand and lead Turkish students to high quality education organisations. We have strong relations with many reputable education providers.

IES is a broad-based agency. We send Turkish students abroad to many countries, including the UK, the USA, Canada, Malta, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, France, Australia, and Italy for the following studies:


* Language Education                * Universities

* Exam Preparation                   * Certificate Programs

* Professional Programs            * Teacher Training

* High Schools                          * Internships

* Summer Schools (Group and Individual)

You can use our website www.ies-intervega.com to see our works.